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Best time to go to Noosa

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The busiest time to come to Noosa is over the summer (December to February) with the school holiday months of December and January being the highest season in terms of prices and crowds. It also has some of the best weather with long sunny days although it can also be a wet time of year with high humidity and frequent

The autumn months of March to May can still be warm. Easter falls in March/April as do school holidays so this is another expensive and busy time to come to Noosa but the days will still be warm although the nights can start to get cooler and the water colder. May sees Noosa host The Noosa Food and Wine Festival and this can be a fun time to visit Noosa if you’re a foodie. It is when the elite chefs of Australia descend on Noosa and host some amazing events.

The winter months of June to August are a quieter time to visit Noosa. Winter is mild here in Noosa and the days can still be warm but nights can be cold and in my eyes it is not beach weather although you will still see tourists on the beach and in the water.

Spring months are September to November and the weather and sea starts to warm up over these months. There are school holidays end of September and this tends to be a busy time as does Noosa Triathlon dates and this is usually end of September also. This is also quite a dry time weather wise and tends to be peak time for weddings in Noosa.

Month by month


This is the hottest month with average temperature of 27.4 C and the 3rd wettest month with rainfall of 172.88 mm. This is a good month for going to the beach and the water is warm. This is a very busy month for Noosa.


This is the 2nd hottest month with average temperature of 27.3 C and the 2nd wettest month with rainfall of 173.2 mm. Days are very humid as are nights and I find air-conditioning a must over this month.


This is officially the wettest month at 176.9 mm and temperatures around 26 C. The humidity starts to ease but the rain increases. This can be a busy month if Easter is early and is at the end of March but otherwise a relatively quiet month for Noosa.


The days are still warm with an average temperature of 24.6 C but the nights and mornings can start to get cooler. I would take a light sweater and long pants just in case. There is a noticeable drop in rainfall this month to 140.7 mm This is a busy month for Noosa as is usually Easter as well as Australian school holidays.


The rainfall rises slightly in May to 150.9 mm as the temperature drops to an average 24.6 C. This is the month of Noosa Food and Wine Festival and days are still relatively warm but the nights are now becoming cool.


This is the first month of winter and the temperature is now cold in my mind at an average of 19.9 C but the rainfall lessens at 123.4 mm. Many Australians and New Zealanders will come from their colder cities to spend winter in the mild climate of Noosa .


This is the coldest month of the year at 19.3 C and rainfall drops steadily too at 92.4 mm. Mild clear days and nights. I would bring jeans and sweater but also t-shirt and shorts for the middle of the day.


This is the 2nd driest month of the year at 62.88 mm and is just slightly warmer than July at 19.3 C.


The first month of Spring and the driest month of the year at 52.9 mm and hence the most popular for weddings. The temperature is an average of 22.3 C. I would bring a light sweater and long pants at this time of year. This is also the month for Australian school holidays so can be busy.


The beginning of October sees the end of the school holidays and temperatures starting to warm back up with an average of 24.2 C and rain fall of 73.9 mm.


This month is the calm before the storm and is a relatively quiet month for Noosa. The average temperature is 25.7 C and rainfall 91.2 mm.


This is the first month of summer and with January is the busiest month of the year to visit Noosa. The average temperature is a lovely 27 C and rainfall jumps back up to 136.1 mm.

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